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I *think* I just bought enough chocolate to get me through the next week...

Chocolate-chocolate, cold dessert-y chocolate, hot dessert-y chocolate, and chocolate covered caramel ice-cream.

Also, I'm considering getting a belly bar. How does one go about arranging/finding out about such things? I know I have f-list people who have experience with such things, and as such can probably point out things that the internet (and such) might tell me that are wrong?

Or, where would be a good place in York to get it done, maybe?

Also, today there was thunder and hail until about half past four, and I decided (once the treat of more hail had passed) that I didn't have time to get to the post office. However, I could have gone to Fulford Cycles and asked them how to make my bike less unhappy, but I didn't remember that until I didn't have time to go there either. I did go to co-op and get chocolate and yogurt (and milk and butter) though.

Outside the house things:

Buy more yogurts and comfort food
Pay water bill (Hes Post Office)
Fulford Cycles (Fulford)
Nurse appointment (University)

(That's probably going to be my lot for tomorrow...)

Obtain another set of drawers from Argos to clip onto the ones I already have. Maybe. If not limited by money, which I am so long as my ex-housemates don't pay up.
Go to Boyes, obtain polystyrene ball, paint and clear (or opalescent or both) nail varnish, and have some fun with them.

Inside house things:

Take meter readings (again) and ask power company how much extra I/my new housemates now have to pay on top.
Ring up BE again and pay the internet bill - or not, if Hannah doesn't give me the power money.
Wash dishes.
When that thing that I wanted comes back into stock on the internet, order it.
Eat things made with bread before the loaf goes off.
Make a pasta bake like you've been meaning to for over a month now. Those sausages aren't going to last forever...

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